Album: Innocence Is No Excuse, Rock The Nations, Destiny [BMG Reissue]
Band: Saxon
Data di uscita: 2018
Etichetta: BMG
Genere: Heavy
Nazione: GB
Recensione: Innocence Is No Excuse, Rock The Nations, Destiny [BMG Reissue]
Ed eccoci alla terza tranche delle succosissime ristampe dei Saxon targate BMG. Stavolta è il turno di “Innocence Is No Excuse”, “Rock The Nations” e “Destiny”.  Come già scritto in occasione delle precedenti (qui il link della prima e qui quello della...
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1. Rockin’ Again
2. Call Of The Wild
3. Back On The Streets
4. Devil Rides Out
5. Rock N’Roll Gipsy
6. Broken Heroes
7. Gonna Shout
8. Everybody Up
9. Raise Some Hell
10. Give It Everything You’ve Got
CD Bonus Tracks
11. Live Fast, Die Young (B-side of ‘Back On The Streets’
12. Krakatoa (B-side of ‘Rock N’Roll Gipsy’)
13. Broken Heroes (Chapel Studio demo)
14. Devil Rides Out (Chapel Studio demo)
15. Rock N’Roll Gipsy (Chapel Studio demo)
16. Rockin’ Again (Chapel Studio demo)
17. Gonna Shout (Chapel Studio demo)


1. Rock The Nations
2. Battle Cry
3. Waiting For The Night4. We Came Here To Rock
5. You Ain’t No Angel
6. Running Hot
7. Party Til You Puke
8. Empty Promises
9. Northern Lady
CD Bonus Tracks
10. Chase The Fade (B-side of ‘Waiting For The Night’)
11. Waiting For The Night (7” single edit)
12. Northern Lady (7” single edit)
13. Everybody Up (Live in Madrid, B-side of ‘Northern Lady’)
14. Dallas 1pm (Live in Madrid, B-side of ‘Northern Lady’)
15. Power & The Glory (BBC Live At Reading Festival ’86)
16. Rock The Nations (BBC Live At Reading Festival ’86)
17. Waiting For The Night (BBC Live At Reading Festival ’86)


1. Ride Like The Wind
2. Where The Lightning Strikes
3. I Can’t Wait Anymore
4. Calm Before The Storm
5. S.O.S.
6. Song For Emma
7. For Whom The Bell Tolls
8. We Are Strong
9. Jericho Siren
10. Red Alert
CD Bonus Tracks
11. I Can’t Wait Anymore (12 mix)
12. Rock The Nations (Live At Hammersmith, B-side of ‘Ride Like The Wind’)
13. Broken Heroes (Live In Madrid, B-side of ‘I Can’t Wait Anymore’)
14. Gonna Shout (Live In Madrid, B-side of ‘I Can’t Wait Anymore’)
15. Ride Like The Wind (Monitor mix)
16. For Whom The Bells Tolls


Biff Byford Vocals
Graham Oliver Guitars
Paul Quinn Guitars
Steve Dawson Bass
Nigel Glockler Drums
Paul Johnson Bass
Nigel Durham Drums