Cannibal Corpse: guarda il live video di 'Make Them Suffer' dal Bloodstock 2018

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Cannibal Corpse: guarda il live video di 'Make Them Suffer' dal Bloodstock 2018
Il Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival ha reso disponibile sul proprio canale YouTube ufficiale 'Make Them Suffer', song dei deathster statuntensi Cannibal Corpse filmata dallo Ronnie James Dio Stage lo scorso 11 agosto. 'Make Them Suffer' è la seconda canzone del decimo album dei deathster statunitensi, "Kill", uscito lo scorso 20 marzo 2006 via Metal Blade Records.
"Kill" tracklist:
01. The Time to Kill Is Now 2:03   
02. Make Them Suffer 2:50
03. Murder Worship 3:57   
04. Necrosadistic Warning 3:28
05. Five Nails Through the Neck 3:46   
06. Purification by Fire 2:56  
07. Death Walking Terror 3:31
08. Barbaric Bludgeonings 3:41   
09. The Discipline of Revenge 3:38   
10. Brain Removal Device 3:15   
11. Maniacal 2:12  
12. Submerged in Boiling Flesh 2:52   
13. Infinite Misery 3:59   
Durata complessiva 42 min. ca.
Cannibal Corpse lineup 2018:
Alex Webster - Bass (1988-present)
See also: Blotted Science, Conquering Dystopia, ex-Alas, ex-Beyond Death
Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drums (1988-present)
See also: ex-Tirant Sin
Rob Barrett - Guitars (1993-1997, 2005-present)
See also: Drakkara, ex-Eulogy, ex-HatePlow, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Solstice, ex-Tirant Sin (live), ex-Dark Deception, ex-Roadrunner United
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - Vocals (1995-present)
See also: Paths of Possession, Serpentine Dominion, Voodoo Gods, ex-Corpsegrinder, ex-Monstrosity
Pat O'Brien - Guitars (1997-present)
See also: ex-Chastain, ex-Monstrosity (live), ex-Slayer (live), ex-Ceremony, ex-Deus Vult, ex-Nevermore