Chalice Of Suffering: online la nuova traccia 'Whispers of Madness'

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Chalice Of Suffering: online la nuova traccia 'Whispers of Madness'
La doom metal band statunitense Chalice Of Suffering ha reso disponibile in streaming 'Whispers of Madness', singolo tratto dal prossimo album in studio della band, "Lost Eternally",  in uscita il prossimo 19 aprile via Transcending Obscurity Records:
 "Lost Eternally" tracklist:
01. In the Mist of Once Was 9:36  
02. Emancipation of Pain 10:05  
03. Forever Winter 10:28  
04. Lost Eternally 9:37  
05. The Hurt 9:36  
06. Miss Me, But Let Me Go 6:16  
07. Whispers of Madness 6:31  
Durata 62 min. ca.  
Chalice Of Suffering lineup:
Kevin Murphy --- Bagpipes, Vocals (Gaelic)
See also: ex-Throne of Wilderness
Aaron Lanik --- Drums
See also: Plague of Stars, We Are Legion, Pink Gorilla vs Panda Bear
Will Maravelas --- Guitars, Bass
See also: Coffinrot, Insect Death, Plague of Stars, We Are Legion, Echoes of the Fallen (live), Solace in Murder (live), ex-And Hope to Die, ex-Cold Colours (live), ex-Glutton for Punishment (live), ex-Warvolution
Nikolay Velev --- Keyboards, Guitars
See also: Distorted Reality, Historian, Inspell, Scapegoat, ex-Darkmoon Rising, ex-Grond, ex-Nangilima, ex-Noctiflorous Thorns, ex-Powerdrive, ex-Samhain, ex-Succubus, ex-Lucretia, ex-Vrani Volosa (live), ex-Sources of I, ex-In Thy Kingdom, ex-Winterfall
John McGovern --- Vocals
Neal Pruett --- Bass (2018-present)
See also: Mastiff, We Are Legion, Trifixion, ex-Glutton for Punishment (live), ex-D.I.M., ex-Si6ks