Depravity: guarda il music video ufficiale di 'Despondency'

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Depravity: guarda il music video ufficiale di 'Despondency'
Transcending Obscurity Records ha pubblicato il music video ufficiale di 'Despondency', song dei deathster australiani Depravity tratta dal loro debut-album "Evil Upheaval", uscito lo scorso 30 aprile
"Evil Upheaval" tracklist:
01.Manic Onslaught 4:39   
02. Insanity Reality 4:07   
03. Repugnant 4:22  
04. Despondency 3:25
05. The Great Divide 6:14   
06. Victimizer 4:07
07. Tormented 3:52  
08. Evil Upheaval 3:10   
09. Vile Defloration 6:08  
Durata complessiva 40 min. ca.
Depravity lineup:
Ainsley Watkins --- Bass
See also: ex-Scourge
Louis Rando --- Drums
See also: Bloodlust, Impiety, Mhorgl, Psychonaut, The Furor, ex-Dybbuk, ex-Malignant Monster, ex-Militant Mass, ex-Pagan, ex-Pathogen, ex-Shrapnel, ex-Earth Rot (live), ex-Nervecell (live), ex-Choke (live)
Lynton Cessford --- Guitars
See also: Entrails Eradicated, ex-Gallows for Grace, ex-Malignant Monster, ex-The Alchemont
Jarrod Curley --- Guitars
See also: ex-Malignant Monster, ex-Pathogen
Jamie Kay --- Vocals
See also: Inanimacy, ex-The Alchemont, ex-Obscenium, Necromancer (AUS), ex-The Ritual Aura
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