Gone In April (ft. Steve DiGiorgio): online il music video ufficiale di 'The Curtain Will Rise'

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Gone In April (ft. Steve DiGiorgio): online il music video ufficiale di 'The Curtain Will Rise'
La melodic death metal band Gone In April, con sede in Canada e negli Stati Uniti, che annovera fra le sue fila il bassista dei Testament Steve DiGiorgio, ha pubblicato il music video ufficiale di 'The Curtain Will Rise', song tratta dal suo ultimo nonché secondo studio-album, intitolato "Threads of Existence", uscito lo scorso 12 febbraio 2016.
Director of photography: Thomas Mortveit
Camera assistant: Laurie Louise Nordskog
"Threads of Existence" (2016) tracklist:
01. Dawn of Time 1:58  
02. The Curtain Will Rise 4:50  
03. Our Future Line 4:18
04. Remember the Days 4:35  
05. As Hope Welcomes Death 6:19  
06. Embracing the Light 5:55  
07. A Million Souls Gather 4:35  
08. Relentless 5:10  
09. The Great Contemplation 4:12  
10. The Will to End a Life 3:46  
Durata complessiva 46 min. ca.
Gone In April lineup (2019):
Marc-André Gingras --- Guitars
See also: MAG, ex-Quo Vadis, ex-Southern Cross
Aaron Rogers --- Vocals
Yanic Bercier --- Drums (2010-present)
See also: Johnny Newman, Märchenbilder, The Wrath Project, Demandred, ex-Empyreal Dominion, ex-Violence Unleashed, ex-Quo Vadis
Julie Bélanger Roy --- Vocals, Viola, Violin (2010-present)
See also: Les Bâtards du Nord, Märchenbilder
Steve DiGiorgio --- Bass (2015-present)
See also: Charred Walls of the Damned, Futures End, Johnny Newman, Mythodea, Synesis Absorption, Testament, ex-Control Denied, Devil's Highway, Spirits of Fire, Death DTA (live), ex-Anatomy of I, ex-Artension, ex-Beltfed Weapon, ex-Dragonlord, ex-Faust, ex-James Murphy, ex-Memorain, ex-Painmuseum, ex-Sadus, ex-Sebastian Bach, ex-Obituary (live), ex-Obscura (live), ex-Death, ex-Ephel Duath, ex-Dark Hall, ex-Soen, ex-Suicide Shift
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