Lamb of God: Randy Blythe scivola sul palco, poi ci scherza su Instagram e pubblica foto e video

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Lamb of God: Randy Blythe scivola sul palco, poi ci scherza su Instagram e pubblica foto e video

Durante lo show tenuto a Camden, NJ, il cantante dei Lamb of God, Randy Blythe, è scivolato sul palco spiccando ul balzo. Niente di grave a parte alcune escoriazioni, poi pubblica su Instagram le foto e il video della caduta, che trovate qui.

Sono conosciuto come un frontman energetico. Sono in costante movimento, salto, scalo gli oggetti sul palco e corro tutto il tempo come un pollo rabbioso a cui è stata mozzata la testa. Questo è sempre stato il mio stile e quello che i miei frontman preferiti hanno sempre fatto, come quello dei Bad Brains o dei Jesus Lizard. Ciascuna notte, tutte le notti, do sempre il 110%. Se non lo fai, scendi da quel palco, dannata mezzasega. Ho 48 anni per cui ho cantato a centinaia e centinaia di show. Ma a volte la sfiga colpisce. 



I’m well known as an energetic front man. I’m constantly moving, jumping off shit, climbing on top of stuff, just generally running around like a rabid chicken w/his head cut off. This has always been my way, & this is what my favorite frontmen always did- you see, I came up seeing bands like Bad Brains & The Jesus Lizard- HR & David Yow WENT OFF on stage. So I give 110% EACH NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT. If you aren’t doing that, get off the stage, you damn weakling. I’m also 48 years old. That means that I’ve played hundreds & hundreds of shows. That means... shit happens. Let’s take last night in Camden NJ for example- last song of the set. I’m feeling good. The band, we are a’ rawking. I’ve been running around for 50 minutes, screaming my head off, jumping, kicking, throwing down. It’s near the very end of the last song. Time for one more high kick before the audience sings the last chorus. I approach the two foot tall welded metal ego box. I plant my left foot, balancing on the edge of the ego riser, & swing my right leg up. EXHIBIT A, PHOTO # 1: YEAH, RANDY, YEAH! FUCK YEAH! Just look at that kick! Damn dude- you’re looking GOOD! What grace! What poise! What POWER! That kick would take someone’s head clean off! Freddy Madball would be proud. WAIT! Uh-oh... the ego riser is slick. Something crappy is about to happen... EXHIBIT B, PHOTO # 2: NO, RANDY, NO! TOO MUCH POWER IN THE KICK ON A WET SURFACE! Shit! Left foot slides out from underneath you! This sucks! Mid-air, you realize: RANDY, YOU ARE NOT LOOKING SO GOOD, YOU GODDAMNED IDIOT. SHIT! FUCK! CURL INTO A BALL LIKE WHEN YOU SLAM SKATEBOARDING! HERE IT COMES! BLAM! & you slam into the ego box on your side- OUCH! 1st thought: please don’t let my ribs be broken. 2nd thought: PLEASE let @kevinwilsonnyc have caught that! Roll off ego riser, jump to feet in a split second, finish the song & the set. EXHIBIT C, PHOTO # 3- walk off stage. Tell horrified looking friends that you are not dead, & that nothing is broken. Notice imprint of metal box on back stamped into your flesh. Go ice down back. Wake up sore next day for last day of tour. Remind yourself that you are pushing 50. Walk it off, son... 😂😂😂 ROCK AND ROLL, BABY

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