Queensrÿche: un'altra song dal nuovo album "The Verdict"

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Queensrÿche: un'altra song dal nuovo album "The Verdict"

Century Media Records ha pubblicato in streaming audio 'Dark Reverie', song dei Queensrÿche tratta dal loro nuovo nonché quindicesimo studio-album, intitolato "The Verdict", in uscita il prossimo 1° marzo:


"The Verdict" tracklist:
01. Blood of the Levant  
02. Man the Machine  
03. Light-years  
04. Inside Out  
05. Propaganda Fashion  
06. Dark Reverie  
07. Bent  
08. Inner Unrest  
09. Launder the Conscience  
10. Portrait

Queensrÿche lineup:
Eddie Jackson - Bass (1982-present)
See also: ex-The Mob
Scott Rockenfield - Drums (1982-present)
See also: ex-The Mob, ex-Geoff Tate (live), ex-Slave to the System
Michael Wilton Guitars (1982-present)
See also: ex-The Mob, Wratchet Head, ex-Soulbender
Parker Lundgren - Guitars (2012-present)
See also: ex-Geoff Tate (live), ex-Sledgeback, ex-The Nihilists
Todd La Torre - Vocals (2012-present)
See also: ex-Crimson Glory, ex-Infrared