Scuorn: il video documentario del tour europeo a supporto di "Parthenope"

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Scuorn: il video documentario del tour europeo a supporto di "Parthenope"

E' online un video documentario della formazione di Parthenopean Black Metal Scuorn a proposito del tour europeo a supporto al disco di debutto "Parthenope".

Il disco è disponibile nei formato CD e Digital Download tramite prima del video, riportiamo il comunicato ufficiale in lingua inglese.


Parthenopean Epic Black Metallers SCUORN revail the official tour documentary for their latest "Parthenope European Tour 2017".

The tour report, produced by Cult Of Parthenope, includes the full live setlist played by the band, plus some extensive exclusive bonus offstage footage.
The successful run has seen SCUORN playing 9 cities in 8 different countries in mid November, as part of their first headline run across Europe supporting the critically-acclaimed debut album "Parthenope".

Giulian has commented : "The "Parthenope European Tour 2017" was a massive yet rewarding experience. Being able to bring our show around Europe It's been fantastic, we received an awesome support from all the people who came to see us, and we had a chance to visit some of the most wonderful places in the continent. Bringing the Parthenopean culture and folklore abroad for the first since SCUORN was born in 2008, has always been a dream to me. I personally want to thank my bandmates, our brothers in Párodos who shared every second of this journey with us, all organizers, venues, bands, promoters, fans, our label and our official tour partners, as well as anyone involved in this tour for making it happen. This is just the beginning ..."

"Parthenope" is out now !!!
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DusktoneCult Of ParthenopeMetal Hammer ItaliaMetal In ItalyEtrurian Legion PromotionStage2stage - Concert booking & promotionVic FirthEvans DrumheadsNologo picksBand Scrims UK, Sansone Strings.

"Parthenope European Tour 2017"
with special guest Pàrodos

10/11 - Les Citrons Masqués - Yverdon-les-Bains (CH)
11/11 - Gleisberg - Löberschütz (DE)
12/11 - RUDEBOY CLUB - Bielsko-Biała (PL)
14/11 - Blackland - Berlin Rock & Metal Bar - Berlin (DE)
15/11 - Parlament Club - Plzeň (CZ)
16/11 - BRITISH ROCK STARS - Bratislava (SK)
17/11 - Escape - Wien (AT)
18/11 - S8 Underground Club - Budapest (HU)
19/11 - Mario Bar - Bjelovar (HR)

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