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Neal Morse: i dettagli di “Sola Gratia”, il suo nuovo album da solista

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 1 Luglio 2020 - 17:36
Neal Morse: i dettagli di “Sola Gratia”, il suo nuovo album da solista

Comunicato stampa (Inside Out Music Italy):

NEAL MORSE è lieto di annunciare la data di release di “Sola Gratia”, il nuovo concept album previsto in uscita l’11 settembre 2020 su Inside Out Music, basato sulla figura dell’apostolo Paolo. Il titolo “Sola Gratia” ricorda ovviamente “Sola Scriptura”, disco pubblicato da Neal Morse nel 2007 ispirato alla vita di Martin Lutero. Le musiche sono state registrate nel mese di aprile in pieno lockdown. Ancora una volta Neal è stato accompagnato dai collaboratori di lunga data Mike PortnoyRandy GeorgeEric Gillette, Bill Hubauer e Gideon Klein.

“Sola Gratia” sarà pubblicato in limited CD/DVD Digipak (contenente il making-of del disco), Gatefold 2LP+CDStandard CD Jewel Case e in digitale. Disponibile di seguito l’artwork curato da Thomas Ewerhard e la tracklist:

1. Preface
2. Overture
3. In The Name Of The Lord
4. Ballyhoo (The Chosen Ones)
5. March Of The Pharisees
6. Building A Wall
7. Sola Intermezzo
8. Overflow
9. Warmer Than The Sunshine
10. Never Change
11. Seemingly Sincere
12. The Light On The Road To Damascus
13. The Glory Of The Lord
14. Now I Can See/The Great Commission

Il primo singolo sarà disponibile dal 17 luglio 2020 assieme ai preorder del disco.

Neal Morse will debut ‘Sola Gratia’ live at his annual Morsefest convention on the 18th and 19th September 2020. A very limited number of people will be able to attend in person, with the event also being streamed online. More details and tickets are available here:

“I was talking to my wife Cherie about debuting this new piece at Morsefest 2020 (Morse’s annual fan convention in Nashville) and she said she thought it would be good for me to do a solo album. However, I thought she said ‘Sola album’ and – because some of the new ideas involved Paul’s aggressive pursuit of the early Christians, I could see a link to some of the themes of persecution in ‘Sola Scriptura’.” 

“It’s the first album we have ever made remotely: I sent them the basic tracks and asked if they wanted to rearrange things, but they just said ‘No, it’s great!’, so they just played to it and sent their parts back over. It wasn’t an easy way to make an album, but creating always has its challenges, no matter how you do it.”

As Morse explains, it was this process that decided that ‘Sola Gratia’ was to be a Neal Morse album, rather than being credited to The Neal Morse Band: “With the Neal Morse Band, the whole band works together on the writing, and while Eric Gillette plays some guitar and Bill Hubauer has added some keyboards on this one, neither of them wrote – or is singing – on this album.”