Under the Oak: nuovo album in arrivo, dettagli

Di Elisa Tonini - 4 Agosto 2022 - 11:25
Under the Oak: nuovo album in arrivo, dettagli

“Rattus Norvegicus”, il nuovo album dei norvegesi Under the Oak uscirà il 2 settembre 2022 tramite Wormholedeath Records. L’opera uscirà in CD, digitale ed in vinile. Qui sotto il teaser ed altri dettagli

Rattus Norvegicus” tracklist:

1. Total Trash Metal
2. Running With Scissors
3. Our Own Choice
4. Inner Demon
5. Walls of Pain
6. Loyal to the Core
7. Bangkok Haircut *
8. Everything Became Nothing
9. Pandemic
10. Rattus Norvegicus
11. Echoes of a Distant Battle (originally recorded by TANK)
12. Mad Butcher/Bestial Invasion (originally recorded by DESTRUCTION)

*bonus songs for CD and streaming


Vocals – Jostein (ex. Fury, ex Testimony)
Drums – Marius (ex. Terrazone, ex Mecalimb)
Bass – Hillbilly Bill (ex. Excelsis, ex Dressed to Kiss. Current member of Rövballebandet and Nostalgic Groove)
Guitars – Thomas Bolverk (ex. Darkness, ex. Black Currant, ex. Images at Twilight, ex. Ragnarok. Current member of Venom tribute band Welcome to Hell and Extreme Metal act :BOLVERK:)

 Rattus norvegicus