Vomit Forth: guarda il video della nuova ‘Blood Soaked Death Dream’

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 1 Giugno 2024 - 13:00
Vomit Forth: guarda il video della nuova ‘Blood Soaked Death Dream’

Comunicato stampa:

VOMIT FORTH hanno presentato il video del nuovo singolo “Blood Soaked Dream”

Il commento della band:
“‘Blood Soaked Death Dream’ descrive l’essere umano come un parassita, come una creatura che odia sé stessa per natura. Vediamo le altre persone come opportunità e quando le persone ci vedono come un’opportunità proviamo solo rabbia verso di loro. È una sorta di passeggiata attraverso quel viaggio spirituale e di come vorremmo essere qualcos’altro ma purtroppo non è così. Come risultato troviamo questo desiderio intrinseco di distruggere noi stessi e quelli che ci circondano. In un sogno di morte intriso di sangue.”

“Blood Soaked Dream” è disponibile su tutte le piattaforme streaming:

“Blood Soaked Death Dream” is a relentless masterclass in darkness. Clocking in at 2:48 of pure brutality, the song hits hard with churning riffs and a guttural vocal that is as anguished as it is angry. The riffs swirl around the fuzzed out bass, both technically impressive while being effortlessly punishing. The track conveys a message of nihilism and despair that fits into the band’s history of creating music that evokes terror in new and beautiful ways within each song. The official video serves as a visual extension of the hellish nature of the song, merging grainy VHS footage of vocalist Kane into bloody demonic imagery and scenes of human sacrifice and gore.

Northeast based agents of terror Vomit Forth are driven to create the most visceral death metal the world has ever experienced. Formed in 2017, the band set out to champion their influences from Internal Bleeding and Suffocation to Deicide, while eschewing the overall genre expectations of death metal at the time. Today, the band is proud to share “Blood Soaked Death Dream”, a brutal new single and harbinger of things to come.

Vomit Forth broke out in 2018 with their demo, catching the attention of Maggot Stomp, who packaged the offering plus two additional songs into the band’s debut LP Northeastern Deprivation. The band followed it in 2022, joining Century Media Records to release their sophomore album Seething Malevolence. The lauded record demonstrated the band’s dedication to a truly terrifying and singular brand of death metal. Throughout it all, Vomit Forth kept an extensive tour schedule, sharing the road with Cattle Decapitation, Gate To Hell, 200 Stab Wounds, Pain Of Truth, and more.

Vomit Forth has an unabashed goal to make “the most unsettling, brutal and scary death metal record of all time.” Based on their latest release, it’s clear that this precipice is within reach.

Kane – vocals
Jett – bass
Bailey – guitar
Luke – drums