Kerry King & Robert Flynn: non sono rose e fiori

Di Keledan - 12 Luglio 2002 - 14:16
Kerry King & Robert Flynn: non sono rose e fiori

Il chitarrista degli Slayer, Kerry King, ha risposto alle accuse di Robert Flynn (Machine Head).
Questi in precedenza aveva detto:

“The other day, someone asked me what I think of Kerry King from SLAYER always trashing MACHINE HEAD and me,You want to know what I think? I think the guy’s a jerk. I think the guy’s a lard ass. I think the guy’s eaten so many cheeseburgers lately his brain is starting to clog up, and he can’t think straight anymore. And, I think it’s really hard to get offended when the guy who’s talking trash about you looks like RIGHT SAID FRED with a beard, and wears ass-less leather chaps. I mean, c’mon!? The guy wears ass-less leather chaps!!!? Where I live in San Francisco, that’d be Kerry Queen. Make no mistake about it, I am a huge SLAYER fan. Not a Kerry fan. But hell,.. The way I look at it, I take pleasure in knowing that by doing absolutely nothing, we can be such a source of irritation to one man.”

Secca la risposta di Kerry:

“I don’t have a problem with Robb,Let him talk some more if he’s got stupid shit like that to say. He’ll bury himself. But if I was a cartoon character, I’d probably put a fucking grenade in his gut.”