Album: As Time Turns to Dust
Band: Whyzdom
Data di uscita: 2018
Etichetta: Scarlet Records
Genere: Power
Nazione: FR
Recensione: As Time Turns to Dust
Musica sinfonica ed Heavy Metal, due generi che, presi singolarmente, sono l’opposto uno dell’altro ...
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1. Armour of Dust
2. Armageddon
3. Fly Away
4. The Page
5. Follow Your Heart
6. Angel of Tears
7. Free as a Child
8. The Mistchild
9. Dust We Are


Vynce Leff - Guitars, Orchestration
Régis Morin - Guitars
Nico Chaumeaux - Drums
Marc Ruhlmann - Keyboards
Tristan Demurger - Bass
Marie Mac Leod - Vocals