Automb: il videoclip di 'Mourned' dal nuovo album "Esoterica"

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Automb: il videoclip di 'Mourned' dal nuovo album "Esoterica"
Gli Automb, death metal band di Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, hanno pubblicato il videoclip ufficiale di 'Mourned', song tratta dal loro debut-album "Esoterica", uscito lo scorso 22 ottobre per Satanath Records (Russia) e Final Gate Records (Germania).
"Esoterica" tracklist:
01. Esoterica (Intro) 01:15  
02. Horned God 04:45  
03. Summoning the Storm 05:18
04. Mourned 05:44
05. Call of Hekate 05:00
06. Blood Moon 04:50
07. The Forest 05:13   
08. A Lamentation 00:38
09. Frozen 04:55  
10. Into Nothingness 05:33  
Durata complessiva 43 min. ca.
Automb lineup:
Scott Fuller --- Drums
See also: Annihilated, Errorgeist, Morbid Angel, Steelsong, Incinerated Divinity, Plaguereaper, ex-Abysmal Dawn, ex-Havok, ex-Sentinel Beast, ex-Skitzo, ex-Jungle Rot (live), ex-Acridious
Serge Streltsov --- Guitars
See also: Dreadeth, Haxxan, ex-Incinerate Creation, ex-Necrophagia, ex-Bloodwraith
Danielle Evans --- Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

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