Swallow The Sun: online il videoclip di 'Firelights'

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Swallow The Sun: online il videoclip di 'Firelights'

Century Media Records ha pubblicato il videoclip di 'Firelights', song dei doomster finlandesi Swallow The Sun tratta dal loro nuovo nonché sesto studio-album, intitolato "When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light", in uscita il prossimo 25 gennaio:


"When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light" tracklist:
01. When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light 7:28  
02. The Crimson Crown 7:57  
03.  Firelights 5:41  
04. Upon the Water 6:16  
05. Stone Wings 6:55  
06. Clouds on Your Side 4:46  
07. Here on the Black Earth 5:39  
08. Never Left 7:49  
Durata complessiva 53 min. ca.


Swallow The Sun lineup:
Juha Raivio --- Guitars (2000-present)
See also: Hallatar, ex-Trees of Eternity, Plutonium Orange, ex-Clayforge
Matti Honkonen --- Bass (2001-present)
See also: ex-Funeris Nocturnum, ex-Atakhama, ex-Obscurant, ex-Gold Dust
Mikko Kotamäki --- Vocals (2001-present)
See also: Kuolemanlaakso, Verivala, ex-Empyrean Bane, ex-Barren Earth, ex-Alghazanth, ex-Enter My Silence, ex-Funeris Nocturnum
Juuso Raatikainen --- Drums (2014-present)
See also: Heathen Hoof, ex-Psychework, ex-Gian
Juho Räihä --- Guitars (2018-present)
See also: Gloria Morti, Riverside Syndicate, Hallatar (live), Red Moon Architect (live), Wolfheart (live), ex-Before the Dawn
Jaani Peuhu --- Keyboards (2018-present)
See also: Hallatar (live), ex-Chaoslord, Iconcrash, Scarlet Youth, ex-Mary-Ann, ex-Deadbabes, ex-Myyt, ex-Varjo