Bizarrekult: il video di ‘Den Tapte Krigen’

Di Orso Comellini - 15 Gennaio 2023 - 10:04
Bizarrekult: il video di ‘Den Tapte Krigen’

I Bizarrekult hanno pubblicato il video ufficiale di ‘Den Tapte Krigen’, title-track del nuovo album in uscita il 27 gennaio per Season Of Mist.

After the release of “Du Lovet Meg” and “Midt I Stormen”, Norwegian black metal BIZARREKULT is ready to release the title track “Den Tapte Krigen” (which means The Lost War)! The track is taken from the album ‘Den Tapte Krigen’ which will be released via Season of Mist on 27th of January 2023.

The new offering “Den Tapte Krigen” can be heard and viewed via the official Season of Mist channel HERE.

The pre-orders for the album are live and can be found HERE (special edition vinyl is sold out!) and the album can be pre-saved on all digital streaming services HERE

BIZARREKULT mastermind Roman comments: “Den Tapte Krigen (The lost war) is a reflection on the everyday battle that consumes everything inside and outside, exploding the minds and deforming our  personalities. Is it worth it? What do we gain? How much (and whom) do we loose on the way to “victory”?
A bit of classical “Don Quixote” by Cervantes plus a bit of post-modernist Pilevin “Life of Insects” might hint on how the lyrics, choice of languages and visuals are connected.

In celebration of the release of the album, BIZARREKULT is hosting a listening event at the Vaterland Club in Oslo on the 26th of January 2023 at 8PM CET. Feel free to join the event via the following link.

BIZARREKULT have previously revealed the track list and the cover artwork of ‘Den Tapte Krigen’ which you can find down below. 
1. Du Lovet Meg (You promised me) [05:11] WATCH HERE
2. Kongen (The King) [04:23]
3. Den Tapte Krigen (The Lost War) [04:40] WATCH HERE
4. Hvis Jeg Bare Kunne… 
(If I Could Only…) [06:42]
5. Midt I Stormen (In the Middle of the Storm) [05:12] WATCH HERE
6. Kjære Barn (Dear Child) [05:28]
7. Løslatt (Released/Set Free) [04:12]
8. Himmelen er Utilgjengelig (Heaven is not Available) [06:39]
Line up:

Roman V.: music, lyrics, vocals

Studio line up:
Roman V.: vocals
Ignat P.: guitar, bass
Alexander P.: drums
Dina: vocals

Mixing + Mastering: Miguel Tereso – Demigod Recordings
Artwork: Ivan Gladkikh

Band picture credit:
Chantik Photography