Exxperior: il video di ‘Timeless But Mindless’

Di Orso Comellini - 5 Dicembre 2021 - 1:00
Exxperior: il video di ‘Timeless But Mindless’

I teutonici Exxperior hanno pubblicato il nuovo video di ‘Timeless But Mindless’, che trovate di seguito. Il brano è contenuto sull’ultimo lavoro della band, “Escalating Conflicts”, uscito lo scorso 17 settembre tramite Iron Shield Records.

EXXPERIOR – official video for “Timeless But Mindless” released

EXXPERIOR has released a new official video for the song “Timeless For Mindless”. That song is on the new album “Escalating Conflicts”, which was released on 17th September 2021 via IRON SHIELD RECORDS.

EXXPERIOR – “Timeless But Mindless” @ Youtube 

Jaxx Basilisk – vocals
ExxTom – guitars, bass, keyboards
Apokarlypsa Apparatus – drums

Video by Exx and Jaxx
Video Effects and Finish: YOD Multimedia and Exx



1. Exitiabilis Creatura 02:48
2. Escalating Conflicts…A World Goes Astray 04:33 video
3. Timeless but Mindless 06:34 video
4. A.A.A. 05:09
5. The Agnostic Jam 05:57
6. Spirituality 02:08
7. Multidimensional Mindblow 06:33
8. Transformatus Erat 02:09
9. A Murderer’s Excuse 08:10
10. About Peace…The Presence of Justice 07:38
11. Masks of Men 05:31
12. XX 02:38
13. Join the Brigade! 05:30
14. The Ethical Meaning of Success 08:44
15. Anything 01:50

Guitars by Exx Tom The Shredriffer
Vocals by Jaxx Basilisk
Drums by Apokarlypsa Apparatus

Lyrics by Tom Liebing
Recorded by (Exx) Tom Liebing
Mixed by Dennis Israel / Clintworks Audio
Mastered by Jens Bogren / Fascination Studios
Cover-Artwork by Andreas Sandberg / Ouija Motion (Dr.Living Dead)
Carton-Art by Andreas Krebs / Kriesp Artwork

Guest Appearances:
Ryan Taylor (vox, Solstice)
Lenny Bruce (vox, solo, Dust Bolt)
Chris McEwen (vox, Hidden Intent)
Michael Apelt (vox, Warforger)
Chris “Keksgrinder” Carl (vox, First Aid, Harmony Dies, Exxperior)
Richard Gamnitzer (vox, Blindgänger)
Chris Meisl (solo, Battlecreek)
Charlie Young (solo, Streethawk)
Konst Fischer (soli, Smoke the Sky)
Martin Martínez (solo, Xipe Totec)
Tom Tschernig (solo, Exa)
Christopher James Mason (solo, Almeida)
Florian Dehn (solo, Dust Bolt)
Bart Tadla (solo, Straightline)
Benjamin Jimi Socha (solo, Toxic Waltz)
Stefan Kern (solo, First Aid)
Nikolai Kemeny (Tap Dancer)
and more…