Firewind: guarda il “Making of” di ‘Ode to Leonidas’

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 24 Gennaio 2017 - 11:35
Firewind: guarda il “Making of” di ‘Ode to Leonidas’



I power metaller greci Firewind hanno pubblicato il “Making of” di ‘Ode to Leonidas’, song tratta dal loro ottavo e nuovo studio-album, “Immortals”, uscito lo scorso 20 gennaio 2017 via Century Media Records:


“Immortals” tracklist:
01. Hands of Time
02. We Defy
03. Ode to Leonidas
04. Back on the Throne
05. Live Aand Die by the Sword
06. Wars of Ages
07. Lady of 1000 Sorrows
08. Immortals
09. Warriors and Saints
10. Rise from the Ashes
11. Vision of Tomorrow (bonus track on Digipak)




Firewind lineup:
Henning Basse – Vocals
Gus G. – Guitar
Petros Christo – Bass
Bob Katsionis – Keyboards
Jo Nunez – Drums