Gösta Berlings Saga: online il videoclip di ‘To Never Return’

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 19 Luglio 2020 - 0:15
Gösta Berlings Saga: online il videoclip di ‘To Never Return’

Comunicato stampa (Inside Out Music Italy):

GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA pubblicheranno il nuovo album “Konkret Musik” il 24 luglio 2020 su Inside Out Music. Disponibile il video di “To Never Return”, girato da Martin Gustafsson

Disponibili anche i precedenti singoli:
“Konkret Musik”
“Basement Traps”

L’album è stato registrato, mixato e prodotto da Daniel Fagerström (Viagra Boys, Skull Defekts, Nina Kinert, etc.) e Anton Sundell (Tonbruket, Ane Brun, etc.) presso lo Studio Bruket e Magix Playground e conterrà 12 tracce strumetali di rock sperimentale, synth e progressive rock.

Di seguito artwork e tracklist:

1. Släpad
2. Vinsta guldklocka
3. Basement Traps
4. Close to Home
5. Konkret music
6. Closing Borders
7. To Never Return
8. Instrument VI
9. The Pugilist
10. A Fucking Good Man
11. Förbifart Stockholm
12. A Question of Currency

“Konkret Musik” sarà disponibile in digitale, limited Digipak CD e in 180gr. LP+CD bonus. Oltre alle canoniche versioni in vinile nero saranno disponibili alcuni formati in colorazione limitata,  Transparent Magenta (100x su IOM Webshop) e Transparent Sun Yellow (200x tramite la band).
Disponibile il preorder a questo link:*

GBS checked in with the following comment about the track:
“Our third and last single off ‘Konkret Musik’ is the partly bare-bones, partly grandiose ‘To Never Return’ – a song centered around a circular, pulsating and dark pattern leading up to an ending with a crescendo to die for.

The concept of a musical scorched earth-policy, where one’s vision is always forward-looking, is in the video symbolised by a modern heist – in which all bridges are burnt in search of the ultimate musical experience. The video is as much a tribute to film classics such as Du rififi chez les hommes as well as to more modern depictions such as La Haine – with a tongue in cheek approach.

‘To Never Return’ is our call to arms to never look back.”

Most recently, GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA have released a special digital-only live album entitled “Artefacts – Live”, which consists of 9 tracks in a total playing time of 63 minutes, recorded at the grandiose Södra Teatern venue in the group’s hometown Stockholm in December 2018. GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA performed their previous album “ET EX” in its entirety (and a few older tracks additionally…) with various guests on stage and in front of a sitting audience. Sweden’s biggest newspaper Dagens Nyheter gave the concert a remarkable review and a 5/5 rating.

You can stream/download “Artefacts – Live” from here:

Alongside with the digital album release, GBS are also launched the live video-footage, filmed and edited by Klara & Carl (, for the individual tracks off “Artefacts – Live” via the InsideOutMusic YouTube channel, which can now be seen here:

1. Veras tema
2. The Shortcomings of Efficiency
3. Square 5
4. Artefacts
5. Capercaillie Lammergeyer Cassowary & Repeat
6. Brus från stan
7. Fundament
8. Terra Nova
9. Sersophane

GÖSTA BERLINS SAGA’s previous album “ET EX“ is still available here:

Stay tuned for more news on GBS and “Konkret Musik” soon…

David Lundberg – Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano, Mellotron & Synthesizers
Gabriel Tapper – Bass Guitar & Moog Taurus Pedals
Rasmus Booberg – Guitars & Synthesizers
Alexander Skepp – Drums & Percussion
Jesper Skarin – Percussion

Tid Är Ljud – 2006
Detta Har Hänt – 2009
Glue Works – 2011
Sersophane – 2016
ET EX – 2018
Kontraster – Live – 2019 (Digital)
Artefacts – Live – 2020 (Digital)
Konkret Musik – 2020