Grave Pleasures: il video del nuovo singolo ‘High on Annihilation’

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 10 Aprile 2023 - 0:04
Grave Pleasures: il video del nuovo singolo ‘High on Annihilation’

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Il 21 aprile 2023 i finlandesi GRAVE PLEASURES pubblicheranno il nuovo album “Plagueboys”, su Century Media Records. Disponibile il video del nuovo singolo “High On Annihilation”, diretto da David Fitt e prodotto da Abyssal:

Il commento del cantante Mat McNerney:
“Ho scritto le chitarre e le voci con in mente Elvis Costello & The Attractions, ‘This Year’s Model’ in particolare, i primi Sisters Of Mercy, ‘Burning Up’ di Madonna. Forse anche un po’ di Roxy Music, Sparks e della pubblicità della R White’s Lemonade degli anni ’80, per non dimenticare Buffalo Bill, nostro spirito guida per questo nuovo album.
‘High On Annhilation’ parla di riconoscere il fatto che il mondo stia andando all’inferno, cedere a questa idea e andarsene con un sorriso sul volto.”

Disponibili i video dei precedenti singoli:
“Society of Spectres”:
“Heart Like A Slaughterhouse”:

Il preorder è disponibile nei seguenti formati:
CD Digipak
Black LP (incl. LP-sized booklet & poster)
Transparent blue LP available from CM Distro Wholesale EU and (limited to 300 copies; incl. LP-sized booklet & poster)
Yellow LP available from UK outlets, Levykauppa Äx, Nuclear Blast (limited to 300 copies; incl. LP-sized booklet & poster)
Lilac LP available from Grave Pleasures via Evil Greed (limited to 300 copies; incl. LP-sized booklet & poster)
Digital album    

1. Disintegration Girl
2. Heart Like A Slaughterhouse
3. When The Shooting’s Done
4. High On Annihilation
5. Lead Balloons
6. Imminent Collapse
7. Society Of Spectres
8. Conspiracy Of Love
9. Plagueboys
10. Tears On The Camera Lens

Formed in 2015, after the dissolution of singer Mat McNerney and bassist Valtteri Arino’s short-lived sensation Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures have defiantly expanded on what has been described as their “war-cry for the eternally doomed,” with each album seeing their song-craft reach new heights. Their raw atomic punk of their major label debut album Dreamcrash (2015) was revamped and contorted into the uplifting nihilism of distinctly more frenetic sophomore smash-hit album Motherblood (2017), ultimately amped up and finessed into the heady Plagueboys (2023), their most mature yet dangerous album to-date. With the electrifying contradiction of light and darkness, the duality of the funereal Grave and euphoric Pleasure in their moniker, Plagueboys is an exhilarating, tear-filled, grinning dance of death, undoubtedly their most pleasurable yet.

With music written by McNerney (Hexvessel, Carpenter Brut, Me & That Man) and guitarists Juho Vanhanen (Oranssi Pazuzu) and Aleksi Kiiskilä, and then arranged together with Arino and drummer Rainer Tuomikanto, Plagueboys sees the lineup, who frantically hacked out Motherblood together, come of age and find their superpowers. Recorded in Finland and produced by Vanhanen and his Oranssi Pazuzu comrade Niko Lehdontie at the controls, the sound on Plagueboys is a blistering wash of reverb and neon warehouse dancefloor; unabashed lone drum and bass carrion call give way to synth and guitar interplay that brings to mind British grandmasters Wire, The Sound and Echo & The Bunnymen through a contemporary lens.

On April 28th, Grave Pleasures will host a special album release show for Plagueboys in Helsinki, FI. See below for details (tickets on sale Jan 16th).

Grave Pleasures live
Apr. 28, 2023 – Helsinki, FI – Kulmasali, Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo ( *release show

Valtteri Arino – Bass
Juho Vanhanen – Guitar
Mat McNerney – Vocals
Aleksi Kiiskilä – Guitar
Rainer Tuomikanto – Drums