Mass Worship: guarda il guitar e il bass playthrough di ‘Serene Remains’

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 25 Luglio 2020 - 0:04
Mass Worship: guarda il guitar e il bass playthrough di ‘Serene Remains’

Comunicato stampa (Century Media Records Italy):

Gli svedesi MASS WORSHIP sono stati costretti come tutti a prendersi una pausa, focalizzando le loro energie sui nuovi brani e nuove idee. La band presenta il guitar and bass playthrough del brano “Serene Remains”, in cui possiamo vedere all’opera i chitarristi Gustav e Søren e il bassista Dadde

The band comments: “While eagerly waiting to get out on the road again, we decided to make this playthrough for ‘Serene Remains’. Tune down to #A standard and get riffing!”

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All songs were taken from their debut album “Mass Worship”:

Hailing out of Scandinavia, MASS WORSHIP is a darkened metal band tastefully adding onto the rich legacy of Scandinavian metal with their uniquely heavy and gritty sound. The Stockholm based band was officially formed in January 2018, but the members carry a rich history comprising of relentless touring and recording schedules and the future that lies ahead of MASS WORSHIP will be no different.

MASS WORSHIP is looking forward to taking their heavy riffs out of the Scandinavian darkness and onto the road and beyond.