Vampire: guarda il video del nuovo singolo ‘Rex’

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 23 Maggio 2020 - 0:16
Vampire: guarda il video del nuovo singolo ‘Rex’

Comunicato stampa (Century Media Records Italy):

VAMPIRE – guarda il video del nuovo singolo “Rex”
VAMPIRE pubblicano oggi il nuovo singolo “Rex”, title-track del nuovo album in uscita il 19 giugno 2020 su Century Media Records. Disponibile il video creato da Daniel Garptoft

L’album sarà disponibile nei seguenti formati:

  • LP
  • Limited Edition CD digipak
  • digitale
Disponibili alcuni bundle in edizione limitata sul sito ufficiale della band:
Le versioni coloured LP sono disponibili nei colori Clear vinyl (200x) e Red vinyl (400x) su
Il preorder dell’album è disponibile a questo link:
L’album è stato registrato pesso lo Studio Nacksving a cavallo tra 2019 e 2020 da Command e Isak Edh, mixato da Oskar Lindberg presso i Seven Gates Studios. La fase di mastering è stata curata da Jaime Gomez Arellano mentre l’artwork è opera di Mitchell Nolte.

Disponibile artwork e tracklist di “Rex”:

1. Prelusion (0:42)
2. Rex (3:08)
3. Inspiritus (3:54)
4. Wiru-Akka (4:19)
5. Pandemoni (3:15)
6. Moloch (5:49)
7. Rekviem (3:26)
8. Serafim (4:02)
9. Anima (6:21)
10. Melek-Taus (4:50)

Black String states about the new single:
“In my opinion the song sums up the sound we’ve been digging further into the last five years or so.”

Hand of Doom states about the video:
“The video stresses the dark nature romanticism that has been part of Vampire ever since the first album. A major difference to the music videos Daniel Garptoft has made for Vampire previously is that there are no humans visible on screen. The closest you’ll get are biblical etchings, decapitated statues and a ghastly entity oozing up from the tombs. Together with the heroic and celebratory quality of the music it offers a new dimension to the Vampire experience, full of contrasts.”

Having risen from the proverbial grave in 2011, VAMPIRE released their self-titled demo a year later. Immediately hailed by tastemakers—such as Darkthrone’s Fenriz—and fans, who raided 300 copies of the demo in a week, VAMPIRE’s vicious yet evocative style set fire to convention. Signed by Century Media a year later, the Gothenburgers quickly set out to work on their debut. Released in the abyssal spring of 2014, VAMPIRE’s self-titled debut was received with much praise whereas the group’s artistic endeavors already became less to-the-face and more atmospheric on the following “Cimmerian Shade” EP and even more so on the second album, “With Primeval Force”. The latter overall turned out to provide a little less traditional songwriting in vampiric terms and was colder, less immediate than the debut. 2020’s “Rex” now ups the ante notably unfurling a highly addictive whirlwind of the harsh and the heavy, the aggressive and the atmospheric, the melodic and the maniacal. With “Rex”, VAMPIRE have successfully crafted a majestic, macabre force of its own!

Hand of Doom – vocals
Black String – guitars
Sepulchral Condor – guitars
Command- bass
Abysmal Condor – drums

VAMPIRE online: