Charming Grace: i dettagli del debutto

Di Nicola Furlan - 11 Marzo 2013 - 8:15
Charming Grace: i dettagli del debutto

L'AOR project Charming Grace, band composta da Pierpaolo "Zorro" Monti (batteria, Shining Line, Lionville), Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (voce, Wheels Of Fire) e Amos Monti (basso, Shining Line, Lionville) ha reso noti i dettagli dell'omonimo debutto in uscita il prossimo 12 aprile via Avenue Of Allies Records. Il disco è stato prodotto da Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri mentre missaggio e masterizzazione sono stati portati a termine da Alessandro Del Vecchio.

1) Everytime You Touch My Heart – Duet with Nick Workman (Vega)
2) The Way You Feel Inside Duet with Moon Calhoun (Michael Thompson Band)
3) Shining Light – Duet with David Forbes (Boulevard)
4) Just Take My Hand – Duet with Gui Oliver (Auras)
5) Close Your Eyes – Duet with Michele Luppi (Los Angeles, Secret Sphere)
6) Still Dreamin' – Duet with Thomas Lassar (Crystal Blue)
7) The Sound Of Your Heart Duet with Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever)
8) Everybody's Broken – Duet with Josh Zighetti (Hungryheart)
9) The Answer Was You Duet with Bente Smaavik (Perfect Crime, Blonde On Blonde)
10) Run Away – Duet with Jesse Galante
11) Through The Stars – Duet with Stefano Lionetti (Lionville)
12) Endless Flame – Duet with Henrik Launbjerg (Toys Of Joy)
13) Bring My Life Back – Duet with Kimmo Blom (Urban Tale)
14) Leave A Light On (Bonus track) – Duet with Aurë