Interview with Nocturnus AD (Mike Browning)

Di Mickey E.vil - 17 Maggio 2024 - 8:00
Interview with Nocturnus AD (Mike Browning)

Let’s talk again, after a few years, with the tireless Mike Browning who presents us with the highly anticipated new release of his most important creation, Nocturnus AD! A few words which, however, will certainly stimulate readers’ interest in Unicursal, the new chapter in the Dr. Magus saga, created by the labyrinthine mind of Mr. Browning, ready to suck us into a cosmic abyss with no possibility of return! The elaborate sci-fi death metal of Nocturnus AD is a trademark that no one will ever be able to take away from them: so let yourself be enveloped by the sonic tentacles of the five from Tampa!


So dear Mike, what shall the fans expect from this monumental release entitled Unicursal?

It is the followup to Paradox, which continues the story from The Key. Its over an hour over music in the vein and sound of Paradox, but also with some new elements thrown in.

Did you follow the same process of composing used for Paradox? And what about the recording and production by Jarrett Pritchard, can you share a few thoughts about them?

Yes, since Paradox did really well, we wanted to stay on the same track as we did with Paradox. This time all the music was written in the rehearsal room between myself, Demian, Belial and Josh. So the music is a mixture of all of our ideas put into each song. No one wrote a whole song and brought it in and said here learn this. The whole album was a collabarative effort. We did use Jarrett again because he knows exactly how we need to sound and his studio is in Orlando, a little over an hour drive, so we were able to drive there on the weekends and record it. Jarrett is almost like the 6th member of the band and I have known him since the 1990’s.

How is this album lyrically connected to Paradox and The Key, talking about the saga of Dr. Magus?

Lyrically it picks up right where Paradox left off with the last 4 songs continuing The Key story with Dr. Magus being sent on a mission to traverse a giant Tree of Life and Death and conquer the first 4 spheres in the Tree and collect a sigil from each sphere and gain new knowledge and powers when he conquers each sphere.

Will you introduce to the readers the amazing current line-up of Nocturnus AD?

Besides from Myself on drums and vocals, there is Demian Heftel on guitar and Belial Koblak on guitar and backing vocals, Josh Holdren on keyboards and Kyle Sokol on bass.

Tell us something about the incredible cover artwork by Uwe Jarling and its meaning!

The front and back album cover was done by Uwe Jarling and he was also the person who created a 3D model of Dr. Magus back in 2018 that we used in the Apotheosis video from the Paradox album. The album cover shows Dr. Magus about to enter one of the spheres on a giant Tree of Life floating in space out in the Universe.

Through the years, you’ve become a professional in terms of graphics, rendering and so on. Can you decribe the process that led you to such a great result?

Since I could never actually draw very well, I always had so many ideas in my head but couldnt do anything with them, then I discovered some programs DAZ3D and Unreal Engine and I was able to learn them and do 3D graphic art renders and animations in these programs, so now I can bring these ideas to life!

The story of Nocturnus has a very sad ending, as you explained in our previous interview. Yet, could you share with our readers a couple of the fondest memories of the early days?

Even though it did end badly because of the greed of the other band members who ruined it. There were plenty of good times like the awesome Grindcrusher tour we did with Napalm Death and Godflesh and the other tours we did with Bolt Thrower and Benediction and Confessor. I got to go to Europe and South America and meet all kinds of great people, so for me that made the good outweigh the bad overall.

Same questions in regard of the days of Morbid Angel and the extreme metal scene back then…

Being in the beginning of a band that would end up being one of the biggest death metal bands in history is a great thing to know that I had a role in starting it and we were really into what we were doing and not just doing it to make money.

Which final message and greeting would you send to your italian fans?

I just want to give a huge Thanks to you and everyone out there that has supported all of the things I have done for over 30 years and I will continue to create music as long as I am able. The album comes out May 17th and we will release another video from the album tomorrow and hope to see everyone live real soon!

So, maximum support to Nocturnus AD and buy original music exclusively!