Anger As Art: lyric video per ‘Everybody Dies’

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 8 Novembre 2018 - 0:03
Anger As Art: lyric video per ‘Everybody Dies’

“Fast as Fuck!” è il nuovo live album dei thrasher di Los Angeles Anger As Art, in uscita il prossimo 23 novembre via Malevolence Records. Online, il lyric video per ‘Everybody Dies’:



“Fast as Fuck!” tracklist:
01. Gods of Hate
02. Aim for the Heart
03. I Create Your God
04. Tombward
05. Unknowing Undead
06. Race for the War
07. Time Devours Life
08. The Crush
09. Hammer Blade and Twisting Fire
10. Two Minutes Hate
11. Dim Carcosa
12. Never Forgive, Never Forget
13. Head of the Snake
14. Everybody Dies (Bonus Studio Track)
15. Vicious Intent (Bonus Studio Track)
16. Matriarch (Bonus Studio Track)*


Anger As Art line-up:
Steve Gaines – Voce, chitarra 
Danny Oliverio – Chitarra, voce
Eric Bryan – Basso 
Rob Alaniz – Batteria