Exhumed: tutti i dettagli del nuovo album “To The Dead”; guarda il lyric video di ‘Carbonized’

Di Orso Comellini - 22 Settembre 2022 - 11:12
Exhumed: tutti i dettagli del nuovo album “To The Dead”; guarda il lyric video di ‘Carbonized’

Gli Exhumed pubblicheranno il prossimo 21 ottobre per Relapse Records il nuovo album “To The Dead”. Dopo il video di ‘Drained of Color’, la storica band californiana ha pubblicato il lyric video di ‘Carbonized’. Di seguito tutti i dettagli della release.

EXHUMED return from the depths with their macabre new album, To The Dead, out October 21 on Relapse Records!

Frontman Matt Harvey comments: “Like a lingering infection, we’ve returned to excruciate your eardrums and splatter your senses! The lads and I are very stoked to excrete our latest audio abortion onto the collective face of the underground. We’ve dialed up the “gross-o-meter” to 666, so if gore-soaked blast beats, disgusting vocals and meat-cleaving riffs are your idea of a good time, you’re in for a fucken treat!”

Additionally, EXHUMED announce US Fall headline tour dates throughout November and December! Direct support is provided by Hulder, Vitriol, Molder (Nov 11-22) and Castrator (Nov 23-Dec 17). Tickets are on sale this Thursday, September 1 and a full schedule is available below.

Physical To The Dead pre-orders are available via HERE. Digital Downloads/Streaming/Pre-Save HERE.

Exhumed - To The Dead


  1. Putrescine and Cadaverine
  2. Drained of Color
  3. Carbonized
  4. Rank and Defiled
  5. Lurid, Shocking, and Vile
  6. Undertaking the Overkilled
  7. Nerotica
  8. No Headstone Unturned
  9. Defecated
  10. Disgusted
The band’s storied career needs no introduction; EXHUMED are the pioneers of blood-soaked “Gore” Metal. To the Dead is the culmination of decades upon decades of nightmarish riffs, obliterating blast beats, and hellish screams from the very depths the band crawled out from!

“To The Dead is a destination,” EXHUMED mastermind Matt Harvey says. “A rotting world populated by the grotesquely twisted truths of our waking world and the decaying fallout of our most deranged ambitions. But it’s also a title that evokes a celebration of, and an invitation into the gore-soaked world of EXHUMED.”

The very celebration of EXHUMED‘s history is ever-present on this album. “We’ve expanded the writing team on the record to include former members Mike Beams, Leon del Muerte, Matt Widener and Bud Burke in an effort to celebrate the band’s history – at this point decades of it – and I think the resulting record is an excellent testament to the surprising longevity of Gore Fucking Metal!” Harvey says.

So please, accept the band’s humble invitation and sink six feet down to their level. EXHUMED can’t wait for you to get a whiff of what they’ve cooked up – this will be the most fun you’ve ever had being disgusted!

Matt Harvey – Guitar, Vocals
Ross Sewage – Bass, Vocals
Mike Hamilton – Drums
Sebastian Phillips – Guitar

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