Fingernails: i dettagli finali della raccolta “The Hellish Days”

Di Giuseppe Casafina - 22 Marzo 2017 - 13:11
Fingernails: i dettagli finali della raccolta “The Hellish Days”

Riceviamo e pubblichiamo il qui presente comunicato, volutamente lasciato in inglese su specifica richiesta della label, relativo alla release della nuova raccolta dei nostrani Fingernails diffusa dalla Blasphemous Art Productions:



!!! OUT NOW !!!

FINGERNAILS (Ita) “The Hellish Days” (The Complete Demo Recordings 1981-1988) DOUBLE CD

BLASPHEMOUS ART PRODUCTIONS is extremely proud to present The Complete FINGERNAILS Demo Recordings 1981-1988,
finally out for the first time ever after more than Thirty years, on Limited Double CD. With original sound and mastering.
It contains the following Demos, originally out in a strictly limited running on dubbed-Tapes only:

– “Welcome America” Demo 1985
– “Heavy Metal Forces” Demo 1986
– “Shadow of the Blade” Demo 1987
– “Dirty Wheels” Demo 1987    
– “Outtakes 1981-1988”

– Artwork courtesy by the great Master Painter Paolo Girardi.
– Graphic Design/Layout “in the best tradition” by Arturo Iustini.
– 8 Pages Booklet with a Special Biography written by Maurizio “Angus” Bidoli.
– Rare unreleased photos from the ’80s era, published for the first time ever on this Release only.  

The complete Demos collection of FINGERNAILS best represents the passion and the attitude of a pioneering band which set on fire the Italian Metal Underground scene in the 80s. Complete devotion to Rock & Metal and an untameable will to play live whenever possible under the influence of alcohol & drugs were the trademarks of those years. MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM influences can be clearly identified in each song written by FINGERNAILS! A true and relentless faith in Metal shaped the damned and powerful FINGERNAILS sound…..in the best tradition!
This release makes me feel absolutely proud and honoured and for this reason I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thanks Antonio Urso at BLASPHEMOUS ART RECORDS for the careful and amazing work done in resurrecting those hellish demos. I am really pleased to see all our oldest works collected in a pro-printed release after so many years…more than 35 since our first demo.
You are holding in your hand the primeval incarnation of FINGERNAILS, the result of thousands of hours of rehearsal and hard work that kept FINGERNAILS alive in the first part of the 80s, well before the long awaited debut album formerly released in 1988.
Today FINGERNAILS have a solid and prosperous present, led by Bomber and me, entirely in memory of our lost brother and partner in crime Ricky Duracell.
These Demo recordings leave to the Italian Heavy Metal history an extraordinary and authentic witness of the most beloved and influential FINGERNAILS line-up.
Play it loud in the name of the Heavy Metal Forces !!!!!!

(Maurizio “Angus” Bidoli)

Original first Line Up, from the ’80s:

– Angus Bidoli – Guitars/Vox
– Bomber Santoni – Bass/Vox
– Duracell Lipparini – Drums

Be ready for an awesome piece of italian Heavy Metal history, at its best!!!

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Official BLASPHEMOUS ART RECORDS Website: http://www.blasphemousartrecords.com/

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