Necrotted: il video di ‘Sow Sorrow For Victory’ (feat. Kevin & Marcus from Acranius)

Di Orso Comellini - 2 Settembre 2022 - 10:07
Necrotted: il video di ‘Sow Sorrow For Victory’ (feat. Kevin & Marcus from Acranius)

I Necrotted hanno pubblicato il video di ‘Sow Sorrow For Victory’, dal loro ultimo album “Operation: Mental Castration”, edito da Reaper Entertainment.

The southern German death metal brigade NECROTTED have now released a new digital single including music video more than a year after their last studio album, “Operation: Mental Castration”.

The song “Sow Sorrow For Vicory” (feat. Kevin & Marcus from ACRANIUS) is now available on all major streaming platforms.

The official music video for the song is available here:

The band comments:
“We’re overjoyed to present our new single ‘Sow Sorrow For Victory’ over a year after the release of the last album. The new song comes with a professional music video produced by Sio Motion. The track was recorded by our buddy Jeff of Defocus, mixed and mastered by the dear Björn of Acranius.
In terms of lyrical content, the new track critically discusses political divisions among the masses, instigated and exacerbated by elites for their own profit and to secure their power. Musically, the song mixes pure brutality with a melodic melancholic atmosphere, ultimately developing a unique soundscape.
We’re especially happy that we could win the two frontmen Kevin and Marcus of Acranius for a feature on the new single, who support Fabian’s vocals with their tremendous, vicious voices. Better be prepared for this!”

NECROTTED convinces with a brutal mix: violent guitar riffs and raging blast beats meet stomping slam parts and catchy choruses presented by deep, brutal vocals. Over the years, the five guys have become a trademark for hard-hitting and ferocious death metal.

“Operation: Mental Castration” can be ordered here: