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Steignyr: nuovo album in arrivo

Di Elisa Tonini - 12 Maggio 2019 - 0:05
Steignyr: nuovo album in arrivo

Gli spagnoli epic celtic death metallers Steignyr hanno rivelato sulla loro pagina Facebook i dettagli del loro prossimo album intitolato  “Myths Throught The Shadows of Freedom”, in uscita il 14 giugno via Art Gates Records



“Myths Throught The Shadows of Freedom” tracklist:
01. Salvation throught Divinity
02. Those Who lies
03. Black Rain
04. Calling the immortals
05. Frost Wolf
06. Moonlight Forest
07. Arrows of Time
08. You’ll Never Be Forgotten
09. Light Beast
10. Whisper Calling
11. Frozen in Time
12. Myths Throught the shadows of Freedom
13. The seven eyes of God
Jön Thörgrimr – Voice And Guitar 
Hyrtharia – Keyboard
Jörmun – guitar
Hludowig- Bass 
Zelther – Drums