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The Tangent: pubblicato il videoclip “homemade” di ‘The Tower of Babel’

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 2 Agosto 2020 - 0:03
The Tangent: pubblicato il videoclip “homemade” di ‘The Tower of Babel’

Comunicato stampa (Inside Out Music Italy):

I THE TANGENT pubblicheranno il nuovo album “Auto Reconnaissance” il 21 agosto 2020 su Inside Out Music. L’album è il seguito di “Proxy” del 2018 e vede la band celebrare in maniera estremamente personale e mai scontata gli anni d’oro del prog intervallando con incursioni jazz, humour e narrativa e un pizzico di R&B. Guarda il video homemade del nuovo singolo “Tower Of Babel”

Sul nuovo album sono presenti collaboratori di lunga data di Tillison come Luke Machin (co-produttore del disco), Jonas Reingold, Theo Travis e Steve Roberts. L’album è disponibile per il preorder nei seguenti formati:

  • Limited CD Digipak (incl. bonus track)
  • Gatefold 2LP+CD+ LP booklet
  • digitale

Di seguito disponibile l’artwork curato da Ed Untisky e la tracklist di “Auto Reconnaissance”:

1.    Life On Hold
2.    Jinxed In Jersey
3.    Under Your Spell
4.    The Tower Of Babel
5.    Lie Back & Think Of England
6.    The Midas Touch
7.    Proxima (Bonus Track)

Andy comments: “’The Tower Of Babel’ is a new field of work for The Tangent, a real attempt to do the kind of highly complex popular song that Steely Dan excelled at. It seeks to appeal at as many levels as possible whether for the subtle chord structures, instrumental solos or for the catchiness of the choruses. It’s probably the first time the band ever wrote something with a specific view to it being a “single” release.  In the end, the four minute song took longer to write than either of the two epics that it shares the album with.  The song is a humorously cynical look into the way technology has helped Bureaucracy become even more invasive in our lives, from “Tick The Box” job application forms – to directed advertising – via phone calls which tell you to “use the website instead”.”

Andy comments of the current line-up: “In the past 6 years the line-up of The Tangent has become more stable than at the beginning. I think that the identity of the Tangent as a “Group” rather than a “Project” started to come together on the album ‘A Spark In The Aether’ in 2014. Essentially Luke, Jonas, Theo and myself have appeared on the last four albums, and we added Steve Roberts for the tour that supported ‘Slow Rust’ in 2017 and we’ve settled on this line-up. I hope for a while because I find this unit to be productive, in tune with the band’s purpose and manifesto and a lot of fun to boot. The new album ‘Auto Reconnaissance’ is the first time that the core band has been identical in structure to its predecessor.  For the first time I feel that everyone is “in tune” with the fusion of Jazz, Prog, Punkishness and electronica that The Tangent likes to cook up. We are a good group of friends and although we don’t meet up often, it’s a real blast when we do. I’ve always considered Ed Unitsky the cover artist to have been a recurring member of the cast – his artwork has been a huge part of our story and although we move away, we always return.”

Andy Tillison – Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboards, Composer
Jonas Reingold (The Sea Within, Steve Hackett Band) – Bass Guitar
Theo Travis (Soft Machine, David Gilmour, Travis-Fripp) – Sax & Flute
Luke Machin (Maschine, Francis Dunnery Band) – Guitar
Steve Roberts (David Cross Band, ex Magenta, Godsticks) – Drums