Tytus: a marzo il nuovo EP “Roaming In Despair”

Di Orso Comellini - 7 Marzo 2023 - 11:57
Tytus: a marzo il nuovo EP “Roaming In Despair”

I nostrani Tytus pubblicheranno il prossimo 25 marzo per Boonsdale Records il nuovo EP “Roaming In Despair”, che vedrà la partecipazione di Jarvis Leatherby dei Night Demon.

Heavy Metallers TYTUS have signed their upcoming EP “Roaming In Despair” with Canadian label Boonsdale Records, featuring Jarvis Leatherby from Night Demon. The EP features a mix of previously released and new songs, and will be available from March 25th.

Italian heavy metal band TYTUS is set to release their latest EP “Roaming In Despair” via Boonsdale Records, a Canadian record label. The EP features six tracks, including a cover of Gary Moore’s “Out In The Fields” with special guest Jarvis Leatherby from Night Demon.

“Roaming In Despair” showcases TYTUS’ unique blend of heavy metal and hard rock, with a mix of previously released and new songs. The tracklist includes “The March of the Unwilling,” “Fistful Of Sand,” “Gotta Keep Movin’ (MC5),” “Motori (Divlje Jagode),” “Out In The Fields” featuring Jarvis Leatherby, and the title track “Roaming In Despair.”

Fans of Night Demon, Enforcer, and Skull Fist can expect an epic heavy metal journey with “Roaming In Despair.” The EP is available for pre-order on CD via Boonsdale Records’ online store.

TYTUS has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of heavy metal, and “Roaming In Despair” is yet another example of their hard-hitting sound.

Pre-sale: https://boonsdale.bigcartel.com/product/tytus-roaming-in-despair-ep-cd-pre-sale
Boonsdale Records: https://boonsdalerecords.com/
TYTUS website: www.tytus.it