Sarcophagus: tutto su ‘Towards The Eternal Chaos’

Di Angelo D'Acunto - 15 Ottobre 2009 - 11:27
Sarcophagus: tutto su ‘Towards The Eternal Chaos’

I blackster turchi Sarcophagus hanno reso noti tracklist e artwork di  “Towards The Eternal Chaos”, il nuovo albumin uscita il prossimo 29 novembre via Osmose Productions.

“Towards The Eternal Chaos” tracklist:

01. Towards The Eternal Chaos (intro)
02. The Legend Sleeps Behind The Mountains
03. The Sarcophagus
04. Age of Demons
05. Hymn to Awakening
06. A Funeral Opus
07. Anatolian Dragons
08. Nothingness, Emptiness, Chaos
09. Under the Lunar Eclipse
10. Misanthropic
11. The Sarcophagus *
12. Misanthropic *

* Featuring Niklas “Kvarforth” Olsson