Anal Cunt: tracklist del nuovo disco

Di Nicola Furlan - 1 Aprile 2007 - 15:22
Anal Cunt: tracklist del nuovo disco

Questa la tracklist di “Somehow, It Managed To Get Worse”, ultimo album degli Anal Cunt. Il disco sarà acquistabile unicamente dal sito ufficiale MySpace a partire dal 5 giugno 2007.

01 I Was In A Coma
02 Collapsing On Stage At North Six
03 Phil Anselmo Wont Return My Phone Calls Anymore
04 And Neither Will Scott Hull
05 I Went Back In Time And Didn’t Snort That Last Line
06 My Default Pic On MySpace Is Of Your Grandmother In Auschwitz
07 I Got A Pharmaceutical Job For The Sole Purpose Of Overdosing On Pills
08 Jamey Jasta Is Missing A Thumb
09 Maniac Neil Is Depressed Because He’s A Faggot
10 I Hate Chairs
11 You Look Like You Get Your Music News From Lambgoat
12 Too Intoxicated To Perform
13 You’re Wearing An Anal Cunt Shirt
14 Buy Another One So I Can Pay My Rent
15 Anyone Who Likes Job For A Cowboy Is A Faggot
16 Paying For Music Is Gay (Especially Ours)
17 I Walk With A Cane
18 Starting Rumors On The Internet That The Meat Shits Died
19 Slown Down, I Can’t Keep Up
20 Front Row At A Lacuna Coil Show
21 You’re In My Top 8
22 Drug Induced Comas Are Really Really Funny
23 Your Indicates That You’re Gay
24 Ha Ha, My Wife Left Me