Incantation (John McEntee & Chuck Sherwood) interview

Di Mickey E.vil - 21 Agosto 2020 - 9:00
Incantation (John McEntee & Chuck Sherwood) interview

Interview conducted by Mickey E.Vil (Radio Onda D’Urto FM, The Mugshots) and Mortifero (Nott, Nebrus).

Hi dear John and Chuck! How is life on the East Coast during this sanitary emergency? Loving the Incantation bandanas and masks you are selling!

Chuck: Hey man. Wild times indeed, desolation or chaos essentially. That mask has come in handy on many occasions, nothing like shameless self promotion right? Hahaha.

What shall the fans expect from your high anticipated new release, Sects Of Vile Divinities? 

C: A broad and dynamic work from our perspectives. But never straying from the stylistic core of what Incantation has been known to exhibit. Bringing the rage, darkness and doom. All with the subtle differences the 4 of us applied to each song. Hope it’s received in the same manner in which we present it. Enjoy.

Can you tell us something about Eliran Kantor’s beautiful artwork and the available formats of the new album?

C: Conceptually it’s about the entities and deities mentioned in the album assembled in a sort of forgotten temple as a common “sect”. As the cover art portrays. All of them sharing the same “vile” nature against opposing religions (or religious ethics) and humanity’s failure. You’ll find visuals to mirror such songs as Unborn Ambrosia, Entrails of the Hag Queen, Propitiation and Shadowblade masters of tempest and maelstrom. As for formats we had a very limited cassette run, multiple vinyl variations along with a CD pressing which all turned out fantastic. Relapse truly excels at providing variety.

After more than 30 years, how much brutal and blasphemous are Incantation’s lyrics?

C: For this album in particular I drew upon my typical muses, but adding topics unfamiliar to myself. A way to research interests, and explore my subconscious with death metal as a catalyst. Folklore, mythology, history, occultism and my dreams are within, like everything I’ve ever contributed lyrically. For example “Fury’s Manifesto” fits the nature of the music perfectly to express blasphemy towards religious ethics and its failure to the very evil that the faiths themselves created.

Are you satisfied about working again with Relapse after many years? What do you think about this label’s renowned credibility, since they always chose to care about quality instead of following the next new trend?

John: We are very happy working with Relapse Records. They have been doing a great job ever since we resigned to them. There were problems in the past but both the band and the label has learned a lot and gained a lot of experience since then. So now we are able to have a productive working relationship with them. That is very import to us.

Which is your perception of nowadays american Death Metal scene compared with the glorious Nineties?

J: Well, no time will ever be better for me than the early 90s death metal scene. Everything was fresh and new and there were no rules to the style. But to be fair now is an amazing time also to be a death metal band and a fan, there are lots of great bands in many styles of death metal. There is a newer generation of fans that really enjoy the old school sound. Some newer bands I enjoy are: Mortiferum, Perdition Temple, Faith Extractor, Molder, Ascended Dead, Shed the Skin, Undergang, Mortuous, Troops of Doom and Kurnugia also the old school band False Prophet reformed a few years back and is killing it. You should check all these bands out. There’s a lot to look forward to these days metal wise.

Incantation’s no compromises Death Metal has been the source of inspiration for countless bands. How does it feel to be such an inspiration and which advices would you give to such bands to distinguish themselves in nowadays scene?

C: Surreal would best describe it, if anyone is taking inspiration from what we do. I only hope that we can continue to do so, humbling. To those just beginning. I’d say to keep inspired; focus on things you truly enjoy. Develop a drive to always learn and expand so as to not become stagnant. The wealth of tablature and resources at our disposal these days is staggering. Cultivate and nurture your talents regardless of how fast or slow it comes, there’s always someone better then yourself. Just enjoy your craft, and apply it.

Recent technologies helped bands to cut the recording costs and reduce distances between musicians. Which differences do you find when compared with your early recording experiences, do you feel there might be a loss of “intensity” and an excess of “coldness” if a computer works more than a human being?

C: Indeed technology has provided much and when used properly can be very helpful. I recall we had recorded “Vanquish in Vengeance” live. Nothing beats true organic sessions like that. It was financially, mentally and time consuming. Especially since we all live pretty spread out from one another. Although those same attributes can be recreated synthetically while still holding the trademarks of our style like the past three albums have proved. A balance is paramount without allowing convenience to overshadow vision.

Do you have one final message and greeting to the Italian fans of Incantation?

C+J: Look forward to seeing everyone on the road for “Sect of Vile Divinities” hopefully sooner than later. Crush souls with sorcery, crush skulls with death metal. For the Italian fans I’ll say….Porco D**! And Fulci Lives.