Iron Maiden: in vendita il “Monopoly: Somewhere On Tour”

Di Orso Comellini - 16 Giugno 2023 - 8:11
Iron Maiden: in vendita il “Monopoly: Somewhere On Tour”

Usaopoly (The Op Games) e gli Iron Maiden hanno unito le forze per il nuovo “Monopoly: Somewhere On Tour”, già in vendita nello store dedicato.

Celebrate nearly 50 years of heavy metal history with the ultimate game for Iron Maiden fans! MONOPOLY®: Iron Maiden lets players relive the prolific English metal band’s worldwide live performances as they buy, sell, and trade the most memorable performances over the decades, such as Legacy of the Beast Tour, Somewhere Back in Time Tour, and more! Give the band’s equipment a go and take custom tokens like Flying Helmet or Steve’s bass around the board to set up Arenas and Stadiums. Open the Box and Feeling Lucky? Cards will test your dedication on the road for the most Eddie Bucks in the end to win!

“We’re delighted to have been given the opportunity to have Monopoly get the full Eddie treatment,” said Rod Smallwood, manager of IRON MAIDEN. “In true MAIDEN fashion, we commissioned our main tour artist, Akirant, to grace the board and the box lid with some of our most loved Eddies on tour. The game is full of our humor (who else would ransom Nicko‘s pal Sooty?),even the player pieces reflect our unique history (yeah, the impaled albatross!) and the weird and wonderful world we share with our fans and they have come to expect from us!”