Album: Tales of the Northern Swords

Di Stefano Ricetti - 14 Ottobre 2014 - 11:53
Tales of the Northern Swords
Band: AA.VV.
Genere: Heavy 
Anno: 2014
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  • CD1:
  • Dark Nights (Shadows Of Steel )
  • Free (Dark Horizon)
  • Might For Right (Arthemis)
  • Heatens From The North (Madwork)
  • Stronger Than Evil (Eternal Silence)
  • Dreaming (The Moor)
  • Moonlight Spell (Barbarians)
  • The Guitar Is My Sword (Fogalord)
  • Roar Of The North (Metal Detector)
  • Singing Swords (Ghost City)
  • Little Lies (Twilight Zone)
  • CD2:
  • The King (Great Master)
  • Still There Is Time (Tragodia)
  • You’ve Got The Power (Isengard)
  • Hey (Neversin)
  • Traveller (Wild Steel)
  • Daybreak Ecstasy (Echotime)
  • I’m Alive (Runa)
  • Heavy Metal Heaven (Crazy Rain)
  • Heavy Metal Angels -In Metal and Leather- (Anvil Therapy)
  • Trespasser (Black Inside)
  • Run With The Devil (Underground Symphony All Stars)


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Band: AA.VV.
Genere: Vario 
Anno: 2015