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Blackmore’s Night: online il videoclip di ‘Second Element’

Di Daniele D'Adamo - 22 Marzo 2021 - 3:00
Blackmore’s Night: online il videoclip di ‘Second Element’

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, la band formata da Ritchie Blackmore e sua moglie Candice Night, hanno pubblicato settimana scorsa il nuovo album “Nature’s Light. La band presenta il video del brano “Second Nature”:

“Nature’s Light” è disponibile nei formati Ltd. 2CD Mediabook con CD bonus contenente classici selezionati della band, CD Digipak, Yellow-vinyl limited edition, LP e in digitale a questo link:

Disponibile di seguito artwork e tracklist:

1.    Once Upon December2.    Four Winds3.    Feather In The Wind4.    Darker Shade Of Black (Instrumental)5.    The Twisted Oak6.    Nature’s Light7.    Der Letzte Musketier (Instrumental)8.    Wish You Were Here (2021)9.    Going To The Faire10.    Second Element

According to Candice Night, ‘Second Element’ is a love song dedicated to source of all our lives – water: “We’ve been big fans of Sarah Brightman for many years. And her work with Frank is just incredible. When we heard the song on an album that she had done many years ago, we just instantly fell in love with it. Second Element II. But there were two versions of it that she recorded. One, she does as more of a love song. And this other one, it’s really still a love song, but it’s a love song to the element of water, and how water is the source of our lives. And how traveling through rivers and springing up life everywhere it goes. And it was just such a fascinating concept.”, says Candice“We thought that it would be a perfect home to do a song that was so entwined with our theory of Nature’s Light and the element of water. And that what the song wound up being, the Second Element, which was the water element and so vital and magical to us and to the world around us.”

Blackmore’s Night have crafted a 20+ year legacy of merging medieval melodies with rock elements. Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Candice Night seamlessly blends her ethereal vocals and lyrics, along with a command of numerous classic woodwinds. With Ritchie Blackmore traversing all matter of six-string instruments, from acoustic and electric guitar to mandola, hurdy-gurdy and nyckelharpa and their wonderful band of minstrels, the result is a truly unique listening experience.

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