Xasthur e Leviathan: split anche in CD

Di - 1 Gennaio 2006 - 0:00
Xasthur e Leviathan: split anche in CD

Le due black metal band americane Xasthur e Leviathan annunciano l’uscita su CD per l’etichetta Displeased Records del loro split, esaurito ormai da tempo nella versione limitata in vinile. Il CD contiene materiale bonus.

Side Xasthur
1. The eerie bliss and torture (of solitude)
2. Keeper of sharpened blades (and ominous fates)
3. Conjuration of terror
4. Instrumental (with Wrest on drums)
5. Achieve emptiness (bonus track)
6. Telepathic with the deceased (bonus track)
7. Palace of frost (bonus track, Katatonia cover)
Side Leviathan
8. Unfailing fall into naught
9. The remotest cipher (beside the last breath vanished)
10. Where the winter beats incessant (bonus track, Judas Iscariot cover)